Our Story

How we came to be the best fine art finishers in the world.

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Our Story

Mission Statement:


Our mission is our artwork. Since 1979, it has always been, and will always be, about quality and value.

We create custom commercial artwork for the hospitality industry as well as select residential, retail and corporate clients.

The work we do transforms the way people experience their surroundings by creating site specific environments that tell stories using visual language. 

Silver Hill Atelier transforms ideas into reality, and in so doing we forge meaningful connections with our clients by delivering innovative, practical, and on time projects that enrich all who see, touch or walk through them.



Artists at Work


For 40 years we have created installations, surfaces and murals. From our artistic roots in Florence and Riga, Silver Hill headquarters in New York was established in 1979. With studios and fabrication facilities reaching around the world, we now bring the innovation, intelligence and harmony found in the classical arts into the contemporary design market. 

Our motto, from the beginning, has been Artists at Work- our people are our greatest asset. We offer a team of highly skilled international artists, Project Managers, fabricators and Art Directors to bear on every project we undertake.

We never do the same project twice, when you hire us you are getting something unique- a sense of beauty, surprise and sophistication- custom made for you or your clients needs- that no one has seen before.